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April 7-May 19 2019

Educator Enrichment

Are you counting the days to retirement? Feeling burned out? Is your creative spark diminished by the rigidity and demands of the education system?

There's hope!

Learn new habits to enhance your daily experience in and outside the classroom. Impact yourself and your students with simple, life saving tools that will make teaching the joy it should be.

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Ongoing 5 week 1:1 program

Shifting Curriculum

Do you spend all of your class time delivering content, taking your free time to finish planning and grading? Are your students passively receiving the information? There's another way!

Shift your curriculum to the learner centered win-win scenario where the students do the learning. There are so many benefits to student centered *faciliteaching! Come learn how, and trade your teaching experience of burn out and stress for one of sustainability and deep connection with students and content. You will LITERALLY buy yourself time with these methods.

Ongoing 5 week 1:1 program

Rejuvination Regimen

Do you experience physical and mental tension? Are you in pain with migraines, back and neck aches, and generally lack energy?

Do you depend on coffee to get you through the day? Do you think anxiety and running on fumes is just the way it is?

No more!

You can develop proven practices that shift your physiology in 4 minutes or less. Learn how to get into a calm state using breath and movement. Repattern thought forms to break the cycle of complaining. Begin to see the beauty of your life and create an impact that others will see and feel!

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