Frequently asked questions

What is holistic education?

Holistic education emphasizes the importace of the whole person beyond academics and intellect. Social and emotional intelligence and overall wellbeing are considered in the curriculum design along with attention to how the environment helps to foster learning. Seeing the student as an individual and celebrating and encouraging ones unique gifts is more important than conformity. Learning is ideally self paced and intrinsically motivated, and assessment is meaningful and lends relevant feedback to the student to continue in the direction of positive growth. Traditional mainstream educational institutions are built on an industrial model where the students are mechanically fed through the one sized fits all system as products designed to do well in jobs where obedience and the ability to follow orders are prized. Holistic models of education, in contrast, are working to provide new models that remove the constraints of bell schedules and learning according to ones age instead of ability and interest. Holistic education prootes divergent and creative thinking where students are given autonomy and experience in critical thinking. This system results in self-actualized citizens who will perform well in innovating, problem solving, and collaborating well to advance our society forward.

what is a faciliteacher?

A holistic educator realizes the importance of personal growth and lifelong learning. As such, the learning within the classroom is shared. Rather than the "sage on the stage" deliverer of content and "expert" lecturer, the faciliteacher knows that new discoveries happen frequently, and paradigms of thought and undertsanding shift. The faciliteacher creates a learning environment and guides students to the resources where they can do their own learning. Inquiry, curiosity, and the pursuit of knowldge trump "the one right answer". The faciliteacher is like a cruise director conducting the activities to facilitate learning in the classroom. The faciliteacher prizes the process of learning over the ability to memorize and regurgitate information. Faciliteacher is a guide who designs an environment where minds and bodies thrive, and learners are given the tools to continue discovery long after they part ways.

what age group is best served by holistic education?

Any and all age groups benefit from this well rounded approah to education!

Can all subjects be taught holistically?

Yes! Techniques like experiential learning and results like divergent thought ability offer deeper understanding of any subject. If you are a teacher that desires to implement a more holistic approach to your curriculum you will find the download guides useful in helping you structure any subject. Feel free to email for consultation if you need more help. Subscribe to the website and receive news only quarterly with new techniques, tips, and testimonials to help you become the faciliteacher that your students need you to be!


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