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Thank you for coming to learn more about holistic education.

Visit the page of amazing tools for educators and students! Everything you need to learn at home or on adventure.

In addition, I've created the right brain answer to the bujo- the Agournal, so you can be organized in your own way.

Discover the Practical Workbook for Social Emotional Intelligence for teens. It's a science based and relatable guide based on The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, re-written to help empower young people to create their best life and overcome needless drama and stress.

Find out about the Art and Science of Wellbeing course, an a-g approved course for the UCOP, that can be taught in high schools across California and helps kids level up their emotional intelligence and self care in an academic, meaningful, and stress-free approach! 

Another amazing program to transform traditional education is The Quest, a proven four year cyclical PBL experience that connects kids to real world opportunities to connect with fields of interest and provide solutions that can impact individuals, the school, or the greater and global community.

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Thanks again for your curiosity and commitment to educating with passion and authenticity!

-Selena J.Wilson 

"Within the context of community, we develop new habits for self care rituals and create the catalyst for self-actualization."
-Selena J.Wilson


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