Achieve goals, track habits, reflect.

The Agournal

Part agenda, part journal- the agournal is a simple and effective way to organize! The right brain answer to the bujo, with daily and weekly spreads to months at a glance and "freestyle" pages, you can plan in detail as desired. With prompts for reflection and space for keeping track of goals and lifestyle habits, this agournal helps you become self aware as you master your use of time! 

Monthly Pages

Agournal Month.png

 Start the month by identifying goals, motivate yourself by including a favorite quote or gluing or drawing a fun picture in the space prided. Getting hands-on is important.

Science has proven that we can rewire our brains to be happier and create a successful mindset by regularly experiencing gratitude. This reflective month's end page helps you to structure this vital practice. We also get surges of dopamine when we list accomplishments. With space to jot down any major shifts in perspective or other learnings that have occurred, this planner acts as a journal for wellbeing. At the end of the year, it will be fun to look back at the collection of best memories for another boost of gratitude!

This is an actual sample of the month in review as used by a 10th grade student.

These circles can be used as habit  or mood trackers, or you can doodle them in for relaxation and fun!


Weekly Pages

Agournal Week Spread.png

The weekly spread has a traditional week at a glance format on the left, while the second page has been customized for students to keep track of their academics.

It is very powerful when used consistently to compare fluctuations in performance personally and academically with the habits and moods tracked. Correlations can lead to amazing discovery and self awareness!

Freestyle Pages

Freestyle pages can be used any way you wish! Print them on the back of your monthly spread, or between weeks, it's up to you!

Ideas for use:

Here are a couple of creative ways I've used them. One is capturing my media consumption and the other was a way for me to remember to connect with nature. I used the habit tracker circles on the bottom to chart whwhen I succeeded in spending time whether it was in my own backyard, the park, or the desert.

I had fun drawing the designs, and it motivated me to use my planner! I also benefitted from the focused time spent creating and coloring.