The Quest

Knowledge should be empowering and stimulate a sense of curiosity, but more and more, learning seems to be more about memorizing and regurgitation than the ability to utilize learned skills to make the world a better place. 

The Quest was developed, implemented, and refined over the course of seven years; you might say by applying the very same cycle that is The Quest!

This cyclical program guides students through the creative process of ideation, developing solutions, testing and evaluating, working collaboratively across age and ability groups, and the freedom to continue to build or to gravitate towards new interests.

The website linked here is a general framework and can be customized for specific needs. Meeting times will vary for each school community. 

Where the Quest originated, the program became a graduation requirement voted on by the school board who found value in the process and the students work. This replaced the often meaningless hours of vague "community service" that many school require with actual projects that have impacted countless lives both on and off campus. The weekly schedule was arranged so that students could meet with their groups for one hour each Friday where a teacher would act as a guide. Guides would adopt groups with similar interests to their own so that synergy and networks could grow. 

Some examples of projects include the installation of refillable water bottle stations on campus, initiating a theater arts program where high school students mentor elementary school kids, and one group even went on to become a certified nonprofit, love4life association, operating on multiple campuses from high school to college!